MasterCraft Lawnmore does not start up


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MasterCraft Lawnmore does not start up


I was mowing my lawn using a MasterCraft lawnmower. I stopped the machine and it would not turn back on. If I pumped some gas in before I attempeted to turn it on and then turn it back on the engine would run for the duration of the of the gas available to it but then it would shut off. I poored a gasoline enhancer and it run fine.

Today, I tried to turned it back on but I was not successfull.
I tried pumping 60 pushes to the gas and run for 5 seconds and then it dies.
I don't know how to explain it better. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself?

I have an alternative now, I am a electric trime to cut my lawn, it is tireing...

Your help will be apreciated.
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A guess

A stuck float valve in the carburetor? If you can expose the carburetor (it's right behind the air filter), tap on the bowl-shaped appendage at the bottom. Don't be shy, hit it solidly, but don't dent it.
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Thanks, I will try that out.

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