ATV Bogs out at 22mph


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ATV Bogs out at 22mph

My 1995 Polaris 425cc started bogging out at 22mph--it accelerates great up to this point and then just sounds like it is choking or needing fuel. It wasn't used for a few months, so I am thinking probably carb gumming. Since my experience for carb work is limited to lawn mowers, does anyone have other suggestions (besides Polaris dealership)? Thanks for any help.
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This does sound like it could be a carb issue but the clutches can also cause symptoms like this.

Cleaning the carb is usually pretty straightforward. Sometimes the hardest part is getting to it and removing it. When you do get the carb removed, you can check the needle to be sure it isnt cocked and is not worn excessively. You can remove the jets and clean the holes out thoroughly, remove the float bowl on the bottom of the carb and clean out any accumulated gunk in there. Be sure not to rough up or disturb the float linkage. One good use for the dealer here is to ask them what the recommended jetting is for your temperature and elevation... If you dont ride in temps under 50 degF, then jet for that. BUT, if you ride one day when it is 35 out, you could cause a lean situation and possibly burn it down (the piston). Proper jetting will get you optimal fuel mileage, clean up throttle response, and best of all, MORE power!

If you are into it this far, you might consider replacing the reeds which are just downstream of the carb. As they get old in both age and use, they get out of spec. I think the general rule of thumb is if they have more than a .020" gap between the reed in cage, they should be replaced. They help ensure the fuel and air is mixed evenly and impart turbulence on the mixture. Reeds are cheap (like 15 bucks).. Use some loctite when putting in the new ones. Any loose screw here goes into the engine! Maybe consider a fuel fitler too.. so often overlooked. Even if the filter isnt clogged now, it could in the middle of nowhere!

I think taking that route is the first check... clutches after..

Sorry, didnt mean to right a book!

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