Dirt bike questions


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Question Dirt bike questions

Hi i need some info on dirt bikes, as i am just sterting to get into the sport.

>What is a silencer? (a really quiet muffler?)

>What is a good lower priced gear set? (jersey, pants, boots, gloves, helmets)

>How much is a green sticker in CA? (not the spark arestor as well)

>Is a cheaper used bike or a new bike with monthly payments better for a beginer?

>Are there any classes to take that will teach me and others to ride? (i can handle a bicycle very well)

>How do u get plastics and sticker sets for older bikes?

>Thanks for the info, and you can email me at [email protected] and put "dirtbikeQ DIY" as the subject.
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answer to #4
If you know a decent amount about dirt bikes to where you could perform engine repair then i would buy a used one because they are about 2-3 thousand dollars less
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Used bikes are WAY cheaper...and probably a good idea for a first one...wouldn't want to scratch up something new. Plus you may decide in a year that you want a different bike and you'll come WAY closer to breaking even selling a used one vs. a new one.

Most states run classes through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that will teach you to ride (on their bikes) and test you at the end to get your license.

Most dealers (and cycle mags) sell the plastic parts and stickers for the bikes.

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