Hydrostatic Racing tractor


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Hydrostatic Racing tractor

Does anyone know if a hydrostatic drive tractor can be made to go fast? I have already made a manuel shifting tractor go fast but now i want to try this.
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Has any one ever tried it?
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well it can be done to a limit. you can replace the pully with a smaller one which will spin the fluid faster but it wont be nearly as fast as a manual one so dont bother trying unless you're looking to make a mudder which im working on right now but im going to make it 4x4 so its gonna be a little project.
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Exclamation thanks lawnmowerkid

I realize this is my first post, but I have the question I was about to ask answered quickly. All I was going to ask is if it were possible to squeeze some speed out of a hydrostatic driven mower by swapping pulleys... that was, as I said before, answered. There is one curious inquiry I might make... is it possible to swap pulleys, say, rear end pulley up to the front drive pulley (does that make sense?) The subject mower is an early to mid 80s cenex (MTD) 12-38. B/S 12 single (obviously)... all other speed mods have been made... safely I might add... and I wont touch the governor... Ive destroyed motors before doing that. Basically, can I take the smaller pulley off of the front of the drive system, or the engine shaft itself, and swap it out for the rear one, so instead of small ---> big, it would be big--->small? And... IF (I realize its a shot in the dark) it does work, what speed gains might I expect? Ok, so it isnt just one question in this post... but I do have one for the end of it... What fluid should I use in the rear end? I think it needs to be changed with fresh fluids anyway, the mower sat for the better part of 3 years before I purchased it... would it be suitable to use automatic transmission fluid, or is that too thick/thin?

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