how to make an atc street legal?


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Question how to make an atc street legal?

is it possible to make an atc street legal? i've heard that atc's production was outlawed where i live(california). if it helps any it's a 1984 honda 200x atc.
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You can't make an ATV street legal, even if you added lights, they wouldn't meet the height and placement requirements and if it's an old 2 stroke, forget it no matter what it is.
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Agree with it or not but the winds of law are blowing against ATV's so I don't think you will get very far making it street legal. NC recently enacted a law that children cannot operate ATV's even off road.
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running a live axle on pavement is no picnic. the proper way of turning an atc is by sliding the rear. 'ain't gonna happen on asphalt'

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