chainsaw engine powered bike


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Question chainsaw engine powered bike

ok well i am trying to build a bike pwered by a chainsaw motor and i need some ideas of how i can hook up a chain to the bike and engine. if anyone has any ideas it would be awesome if you could let me know! thanks a lot!

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try this

you have to find a chain simular to origanal for saw then find a farm supply store ie.. (princess auto) find a cog to match up then weld it to rear tire bycial stores may also have them, depends on chain size you pick. good luck
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I once took some metal plates bent it to make brackes and then bolted the motor to the frame. I used a bicycle peg on the crankshaft to press down on the tire. this was a weed wacker motor. You had to start out and when the motor caught and started going it was redicously fast because those motors are high rpms, we would turn the motor on and off with a switch to help regulate speed.
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i tried building one with an old school edger motor really not a hard concept id go with the direct drive insted of using chain i tried chain and it turned out to be a bigger fieasco then i was planning on dooing so i started the motor up and conected a propane line in the carb pumped some propane into it and blew the motor up

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