yamaha 78 xs750 issues


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yamaha 78 xs750 issues


I have a 78 XS750SE that seems to be stalling out constantly now. It ran great, the only mod I had made was that I changed the petcocks, got rid of the pesky vaccuum ran ones, but it ran fine after that.

When idoling, it will not stay, if I pull the choke 1/2 out, it will stay running, but if I let it in, it dies. This started on a ride, it wouldnt stay running at low idol, it just dies.
Any ideas on what to look at?
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Vacuum leak; getting too much air.
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Hi, Sounds like a common problem. The right amout air and not enough fuel or the right amout of fuel and too much air. Could be a number of problems. Fuel being restricted, low speed air passage blocked or a vacuum leak.
I would bet it is a fuel restriction problem but check for a vacuum leak also.
Best regards, Jeff Z.

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