Need help!? (Go Kart Start Problem)


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Need help!? (Go Kart Start Problem)

I have an older go kart. Its sat out in the rainy days for probly a year. When i first got it, it wouldnt crank or anything. I took it apart and cleaned the cylinders and free'd up the jam. It still does not want to start. It sounds like its pretty close to geting its first kick. But i cant tell if its not getting fuel or what. Is there anything that could be clogged really to make it not want to start? There is no filter on it. I cleaned out the carb. cleaned the cylinder head. There is about 8in. to 10in. Of the wind cord that will not go into the pull start. Could that be it? or anything. Open to anything. will try whatever to save me from going out and buying a new 300 dollar engine
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start with the basics...carb getting fuel? plug getting spark?
I wouldn't go buy an engine before I had a small motor professional take a look at it.
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Hi, If all fails with the old engine and you have to buy a new one check the ones on ebay. I have bought several and they work great.
I buy the ones that look just like Honda engines {Red & White }. Branded with the Vortec name.
They are made in China and Honda parts fit them.

You can sometimes get a 5 or 6 hp engine for $24.00 plus shipping. Just search
--- Mini Bike Engine---

I just bought a 13hp for a project for $190.00 with shipping.

Best regards, Jeff Z.

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Thanks, I just picked up a motor from my gf's house. Seems im always gettin shot engines. I'm about to give a shop a call. Iv been out all day playing with the engine. Took it fully apart. Still not sure so im going to give a call and see how much it is to fix it. Thanks

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