97 EZ GO Gas powered golf cart needs more speed.!


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97 EZ GO Gas powered golf cart needs more speed.!

I like all others want to my my 97 twin cylinder gas powered EZ GO golf cart go faster. Is there any adjustments that can be made to the govenor ? Is there a speed sensor adjustment ? Also, if I get 10" tires, do I need to install a lift kit ? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Forget messing around with the small engine that comes in golf carts. Put a fourwheeler motor with the swing arm assembly in there. Im doing that with a lawnmower. Im just taking it further than what you would need to do.
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First: With any speed mod. remember that your cart has mechanical drum brakes on the rear wheels only. Golf carts don't stop very well.

There is a nut on the speed govenor (not the rev. limiter) on top of the rear end. It's an arm with a nut on the end and a spring. You can tighten this nut to get higher ground speeds without affecting the rev limiter on the engine. This has a minimal effect on the life of the engine. You can help your cart by keeping a clean air filter in it and make sure there are no leaks in the intake where dirt can get in.

You can disable the engine's rev. limiter to go even faster but it will shorten your engine's life. If you do it I highly recommend installing a tachometer so you can see how fast you are turning the engine. A few hundred extra rpm will not hurt much. A thousand rpm faster and you may cut a year or two off it's life. I think you will have a 50/50 chance of blowing the engine every time you turn it over 7'000 rpm. The big danger with the govenor removed is that you have removed the idiot protection.

You can also get high speed gears for the rear end. You will pick up 6-10 mph but will hurt acceleration and your ability to climb hills.

Every 10" rim tire I've seen has required a lift kit. The larger tires will make your cart faster. Just remember that you will have a higher center of gravity (easier to tip over).

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