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Question Lights

I have a 1982 Honda Goldwing 1100, the only light I have is the stock headlight, I would like to put some fog lights on to have more light. Will my charging system be able to handle a pair of fog lights that I will use only when it is dark. Thanks so much.
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I did a seach online and it looks like you have a 25 amp (300 watt) alternator. I would guess you have capacity to add more lights.
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There used to be another post between PILOT DANE and mine, thats why mine is like this

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Google gold wing and you should find some gold wing forums. They will be very useful in giving tips and finding new / used accessories.
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As I know, the alternator role is to charge the battery. The issue here is if the battery has enough power...
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Keep in mind that most fog lights are 55 watts, so that's 110 watts, plus your headlight, which is another 50-65 watts, plus all your running/brake lights @ 10 or so watts each.

The rated capacity of your alternator is based on RPM and is _usually_ half of redline. If your redline if 4000 rpm, then the alternator puts out 300 watts @ 2000 rpm. If you do a lot of idling, the alternator may not be able to keep up. If your present lights dim when you idle, then you know it won't.

Gogutu: The battery's role is the start the engine, that's it. The voltage regulator regulates the voltage, and the alternator/generator runs everything. How do you think so many engine driven items run without a battery?
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Try some led lights. There are proably some on ebay. They are making cool stuff for everything now.

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