93 big bear starting problems


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93 big bear starting problems

electrician needs help. I bought a used bike,Yeah I know. 93 big bear. I started her up and had trouble keeping her running without the choke all the way out. After SEVERAL attempts, the atv would start and appeared to be warming up. I could smell it was loading up though. I have a new battery and it has propper voltage. Now, I turn the key on and my Green light doesnt come on to allow me to try and start. Is there a thermal cut out to protect the starter or is there a fuse link? I'm not a mechanic but this may be something simple. Any pointers? Before posting this I tried again, the green start up light lit, got her started went through 3 gears, reached down to push the choke in and she died. Then of course my green light wouldnt come back on to re-start. I pushed her back. I've got to be doing something stupid

Ok fellas, I found a burnt fuse link under the seat. That fixed my green start light. Probably will fix a few things. Of course I'll change my plug just because

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i aint good with elictrical but first id get the carb cleaned out and maybe rebuilt that'll fix the running problems as for the green light make sure the battery cables are tightened snugly to the battery
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Yamaha blues

I have always owned yamaha bikes and always had the problem you are speek of clean the carb but there should be no reason to rebuild it. Trust me it will run like there`s no tommorow

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