gas scooter problem....


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gas scooter problem....

Well i bought a fairly new gas scooter a couple days ago. Ran fine for 2 days or so and today i was riding it to the gas station to get gas and some of that 2 cycle engine mix stuff and on my way back it stoped.... just stopped working. I was useing what was left in the tank so its not the gas (at least im sorta sure). It does have a electric start but I dont think its electrical problem beucase i did have it started but stoped (if its electrical it wouldnt start at all). So heres what iv done so far.

New spart plug and thats about it. The kid put on a new carb and filter so you have to cover the carb to choke it to start it. It just seems like it wants to start but doesnt. Any ideas? I can take pictures on requst.
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I would totally drain the gas out of the tanks, and any lines that I could access. I would then make sure that I had the right mixture of oil and gas, fill the tank.

Some of these imported scooters do not have an alternator, or one that only works to keep scooter running. I would charge the battery fully, and then try to start it. My Thoughts, Bill
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you were riding it when it died? did it just stop or go down slowly?
fill the gas tank with the right mix oil/gas ratio, prime the carb. some little carbs are very sensitive to the choke problem. you may need to pull the filter off and use your finger to choke it. also, check the wire for the kill switch. make sure it's not damaged, or even take it off to make sure it's not grounding out. this can happen with aftermarket carbs and someone who's not careful.

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