6.5 Honda loss of power


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6.5 Honda loss of power

My Craftsman mower has a 6.5 Honda engine a GCV190. I hit a stump, bent my blade, blade adapter and crankshaft. I have replaced all three. The mower will start and run but it has no power when it hit the grass. I have tried adjusting the governor arm to give me more power but it still didn't help. It has a new air filter, plug, coil and of corse oil after rebuilding it. I was carful not to change the placement of the timing belt. I need help!
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is the piston installed backwards??? i hav heard of this happening on dirtbikes, runs and revs but has no power, just a thought
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Check where the flywheel meets the crankshaft on top of the engine. You are looking at the key (a little square chunk of soft metal that helps connect the crank and flywheel). The slot (keyway) in the crank should be PERFECTLY in line with the keyway in the flywheel. You will have to remove the shroud, pull starter stuff and the nut on top of the flywheel to be able to see the keyways that must be perfectly aligned.

They flywheel's position in relation to the crank is what sets the ignition timing. Even a slightly sheared key can cause problems.

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