xxxxx gas scooter question


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Question xxxxx gas scooter question

found this 33cc scooter, so I don't know the history

I put new gas in it, and got it to run for about 3 seconds then it died. Since then, I can't even get it fire/pop. Tried new plug, nothing. Choke is missing but I tried covering the carb and acting as a choke. I tried pouring some gas down the cylinder and I couldn't get it to fire doing that.

I know it has spark
I know it is getting air
I've put fuel into the cylinder

What should I look for on a compression reading? All electronics have been bypassed so there is no cut off switch as of now. All I can think of is poor compression, any other ideas?

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what kind of carb does it have? does it have a bowl, or is it flat and thin? If it's the flat kind, actually put your finger in the hole of the carb after you push the primer bulb a couple times(seeing the gas go to carb). Barely pull your finger back, i mean barely. See if that gets it. These small carbs are very sensitive to airflow when cold.
How was the shut off bypassed? make sure the wire isnt grounding on the metal somewhere.
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It's not a bowl type. All wires were removed. Good idea with the primer, I'll try it.

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Are you certain it is getting spark?

Next I would remove the carb., take it apart and give it a good cleaning. A carb. that small has very tiny fuel passages and can clog easily.

If it still does not run: Put your finger or palm over the carb. intake and pull the pull cord. Do you feel your finger being sucked to the carb.? If not or if the suction feels weak I'd remove the cylinder head. Look to see if there is a hole burned in the top of the piston and make sure the piston goes up/down when you pull the pull cord.
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Yes I do feel suction of the carb

Is this normal.......Checked the spark by touching the spark plug to the cylinder. I'm cranking the motor with a 9.6v cordless drill. It only sparks when the drill is at its max rpm, when I run the drill at anything less than full rpm, no spark. Could I have a coil problem?

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