1981 Honda express II


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1981 Honda express II

Hi there i have an old 1981 honda express II and i was just curious if i could make it so it would run without a battery. I have a manual and was wondering how to do this. I also don't need the light to work so i am happy as long as it runs. Also, it has a kick starter.

any help greatly appreachiated
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just remove the battery. all it does is regulate the voltage for the lights and power them when the motor is off. I have been running mine for 500 miles without the battery and the lights still work fine, they just dim when the motor drops to idle. No modification is required, but leave the battery connector there, and cut and cap the 2 wires that run to the battery. the loop wire on the connector cuts power when removed.
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That's a 6+ year old thread your answering; chances are it's not a problem any more.

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