2007 kawasaki mule governor


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2007 kawasaki mule governor

Can or will someone help me? I would to know how to either disengage my governor or have an option weither to have it on or off..control it. I have a general knowledge in mechanics. If anyone could tell me I would appreicate it.
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Kawasaki Mule Governor

Originally Posted by maxdean View Post
Can or will someone help me? I would to know how to either disengage my governor or have an option weither to have it on or off..control it. I have a general knowledge in mechanics. If anyone could tell me I would appreicate it.
Hello Mr M: If you're still interested, I modified my 05 3010 Mule governor. I used to get 25 mph straight from factory, now it's an easy 40 to 45 mph. Easy fix but I'm still researching the work to make sure it's not gonna damage any thing on the engine. Seems to work great. I spent less than an hour and no money. If interested in details, email me or post a message here. I'll keep checking back.
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kawasaki mule 2007...

Great, got your msg today. (wow this program is slow). I am still interested in modifying my governor. Do you think maybe the procedure is the same since mine is a 401 cc..probably is..You can e mail me [email protected] [email protected] really would appreicate it. I have heard several people doing this but why it is a hush-hush thing I don't know. I have not really rode mine that much yet..just have around 20 hours on it. I have been busy building me a windshield for it and reversed the seat belts. I found some quotes on here once about this..and most said to wait unitl it is broken in????? I guess maybe after 50 hrs or so, what you think.
I will be anxiously awaiting your reply and picture if you will.
thank you

Maxjerry Head

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hey Max,

if you have a 600 or 610 then here's a reply i've been throwing out for 2 years..

the "governor" on the Mule 610 is really a mechanical speed limiter...it is connected to the driveline and will keep the vehicle from exceeding it's "governed" speed...on my mule, going down a steep grade i noticed it would do it's best to hold me back...

if you want to adjust the speed limiter, remember, these motors do not tolerate over-revving...you can cause minor damage(bent pushrods/rocker arms), to complete failure(rod through case)...your engine/transmission/drivetrain warranty will probobly be gone...don't tell me it's my fault you have to buy a new motor cause you did this and went 40MPH ONCE...i did take mine in for a recall after i riveted the cover back on and my dealer said nothing(he liked the pipe and lights )..

i have run mine @ 32mph+/4200 rpm's , with stock tires,
for a year now without problems..you should also install a tach to watch the RPM's and keep them in check...a portable GPS is perfect to check your speed..

here's what i did...it's really easy..

open the bed and you will see a black triangular cover on top of the rear case..under the cover is the speed limiting linkage..the cover is riveted on and once the cover is pulled, so is your warranty..
if you decide to drill the 3 rivets off you'll see a couple of horizontal brackets and springs...you have linkage from the go pedal to one bracket and linkage to the carb..the carb is not directly connected to the pedal..i suggest you try to have someone else drive the mule while you watch how the limiter works..

if you look closely you will see one of the brackets/levers connected to a vertical shaft which goes down into the case...you'll see a horizontal bolt/nut which holds the bracket to the shaft......when you loosen this bolt/nut you can begin the adjustment..there is a small hole in the top of the vertical shaft..once you loosen the horizontal bolt/nut you can rotate the vertical shaft...i stuck a small nail through the hole to help me adjust mine...make very small adjustments...i found that only a few degrees of adjustment would really change things..i believe rotating the shaft couter-clockwise will push the limited speed higher..it's been a while so turn it just a little, re-tighten the bolt/nut,ride and check things out...make very small adjustments,re-tighten the horizontal bolt/nut, ride and check things out..yeah, i know i said that twice..i did it ten times before i found a good spot...

if you have a tach(which you should) then you can set the limiter by the RPM's for when you're driving(under load)...i think my motor is rated at 9.9kw at 4000 rpm's...stay close to 4000..i'll keep pushing mine til it blows and let you know where it was...

have fun,
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my Mule..

Thanks William, I will certianly check this out. I will wait until my warranty expires.. I use a portable gps. and I will buy and a hourmeter thats has a tach with it..thats the only kind I can find here in SW va.. Thank you very much..
I build me a windshield and reversed my seatbelts and install a winch.. I just hope that I don't have any problems hauling it....probably will cover it with tarp..

Thanks again
Maxjerry Head
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I too am interested in how you achieved 40-45 MPH. I'm getting 32MPH (GPS) now by fooling around with the spring tensions but you know how it goes. We can't ever get enough. I'm new here so how do I get you to e-mail me the "how to?"

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3010 Trans

[William, Is this supposed to work on the 3010 too? I loosened the nut/bolt but could only turn the shaft about 2-3 degrees which didn't make a difference.

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