Snowblower not running right


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Exclamation Snowblower not running right

I have a Tecumseh 8hp snowblower not running right. I bought this item used. It is about 12yrs. old. I put a new spark plug in it and I replaced the carb thinking that it was bad. It still won't run when choke is off, only when fully choked! The carb is a newer one with no adjustment. When you take the choke off, it spits and sputters and shuts off. I don't know if it could be timing or is it starving for gas? Any insight from anyone out there?
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sounds like its sucking fresh air between the carb and engine. A can of wd-40 with the little squirt stick,will locate the leak. with the engine running, spray it on the carb joint , around the Intake runner , any place that you can imagine where air could "Leak in" that doesnt have to go thru the carb will cause a change in rpm. The full choke slows the amount of air going thru the carb enough so it runs on whatever "leaks" in from externally.

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It could easily be a vacuum leak. My first choice, though would either be fuel flow or plugged jets.

I would take off the fuel delivery line at the carb and see if you have good fuel flow through the line. If all is well there, the carb should be taken apart and cleaned. Usually the best job is done with a soak it over nite bath cleaner. Then blow it out with compressed air. If the compressed air isn't available, use an aersol can of cleaner to blow out the jets.

Hope this helps.


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