2004 Kawasaki Kfx 400


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Unhappy 2004 Kawasaki Kfx 400

I Have Been Having Trouble With My Carberator Ever Since I Took It Apart To Change The Needle And Seat Due To Gunk From Cheap Gas Sitting Over The Winter. Besides The Gasket Around The Bowl Leaking, I Hadn't Tightened The Diaphram Cover Down, And When I Started The Quad, It Caused The Screw Holding The Cover Down To Loosen, And Eventually Caused The Cover To Open. Could This Have Been Causing The Quad To Stall. It Was Running Rough, And Would Only Hold An Idle With The Choke On Full WHEN I REASSEMBLED IT ORIGINALLY.

My Secong Question Is: If You Take Out The Jets, To Clean Them, Do You Screw Them All The Way In When You Reinstall Them. And How Tight Should They Be Screwed In.

Thanks For Your Help, Im Losing My Mind Here.
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I would dismantle the carb and remove any rubber parts (gaskets, o rings, etc.) and soak the whole thing in a bath cleaner over nite. Then blow out with compressed air (or an aerosol cleaner). The jets are only a few of the places gunked up gasoline plugs up. The bath cleaner will take care of those.

The jets take some care when reinstalling. Tighten them finger tight (they should be seated lightly). Then add about five degrees of rotation. The drag of the brass on aluminum holds them in place. Do not over tighten.

Hope this helps,

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This primarily comes down to clogged jets. I shoot them wiith a carb cleaner then blast them out with compressed air. hold them up to the light and make sure you can see through. you will see the difference. if they are stock jets make sure your fuel screw is out as it should be. usually with stock jetting the screw is out 3 turns. turn it down tight then come out 3 full turns.

I can swap jets in my 400ex within a few minutes with no problems!

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