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Question My Yamaha Eletric Golf Cart Doesn't Move

i have a 97 yamaha eletric golf cart,it sat for about 2 month until i got my new charger,after charging it it does not do anything. battteries check good , i've got power at the switch and at the foward/reverse switch. i do not know what or where else to check? need help

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For that much amperage it would have to have relays and solenoids. From your control (Forward and Reverse) I would trace your wires toward the electric motor. I imagine you'll find a defect solenoid or relay.

Use a tester to check both the input to those and the output as well. Also take a look at the cable connections on the battery.

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Something to check is the brake. I worked on a person transporter (the style you see in WalMart).

Could not get it to propel. The brake gismo had swollen over time, and was inhibiting motion. We removed this item, and it ran great. Just had to park it "across" a hill...
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Check out they are experts on Golf Carts. I would guess it is the solenoid. There is a way to test and I got it off the above Forum - but forgot.
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to test a solenoid for basic function, you would simply apply voltage to the coil terminal. BE SURE that if you activate the solenoid, you are not going to get run over (in other words, take the solenoid out of circuit first).

If you remove the solenoid from the vehicle, you will also need to connect the body to the negative of the voltage source as well.

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