NEED SNOWBLOWER HELP craftsman 536-88480 5/22 electric start blower


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NEED SNOWBLOWER HELP craftsman 536-88480 5/22 electric start blower

I have a craftsman 536-88480 5/22 electric start blower. It worked last winter. However, yesterday as I was preparing it for today it did not start. Admittedly, I left some gas in tank over the year and filled it with as old gas. the oil looks dirty but is at a good level. It wouldn't even flutter on any amount of pulls on any number of tries. Then I tried the electric start and nothing happened. I even tried to crank it while using the elec start. I did check the spark plug and it was fairly dirty and I steel wool cleaned it. I have no idea what to do. I did read @ Sears web about charging the electric start. However this was very vague. I don't know how long to charge it for and if that will start the blower. Need help before it is to dark to drag my little ones out to make necessary purchases for repairs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Snow Blower

Tell U what i did and it worked:

Put in new gas, take the aid filter off, spray starter fluid into carburetor, with filter still off. (not too much)

If you don't have any starter fluid, it's easy to find, about 2.75 per can.

Spark needs to be in good shape, check the gap, and I always clean it with a finger nail file. Not hard, just enough to get the black off.

Let me know if this helps.
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need snow blower help: craftsman 536-88480 5/22 electric start blower

thanks for the reply.

How do I empty the gas? Can I just empty it on the side of the driveway or grass? Do I have to worry about any fire starting or does it evaporate fairly quickly. and does that apply for the half filled portable tank of gas I have as well.

Aid filter?? Where is it? I bought this machine used without manual. Can Starter fluid be purchased at my local Super Stop & Shop, Target or gas station?

Again thanks.
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I think he (Duke of) means air filter.

Yes, gasoline can be flammable and explosive and it will kill any plant it touches so be careful where you pour it out. The more volitile parts evaporate somewhat quickly but it may smell for several days.

If it still does not work you may try removing the bowl from the bottom of the carb and clean the valve attached to the base of the float.

After you get it running. Go to a local small airport with a new, clean gas can and buy a gallon of AVGAS (100LL). It's about a dollar more than car gas but it almost never goes bad and does not make varnish. Near the end of the snow season run your blower on the avgas and no more gummed up carbs. AVGAS contains lead (not good for modern engines) so do not run your equipment all season on it (and do NOT put it in your car). Just at the end of the season to get it into the carb.

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