Polaris 440 Indy Troubles

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Question Polaris 440 Indy Troubles

I Tried cleaning the carb and the snowmobile will still idle all day but when i touch the gas the engine quits. I don't think it is the carb because it runs fine. I was told that it is the main clutch. I already had the secondary clutch fixed so that is not it. The carb has been cleaned 4 times already.
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It's an indication of a lean fuel air mixture at the transition from idle circuit to the low rpm range. In automotive carburetors they had an accelerator pump to provide the extra fuel. In fuel injection, there's throttle position and MAP sensors.

In your application you may need to richen the idle mixture slightly. If you have a slide carb, you can raise the needle on the slide. If you have an all position carb on a two stroke you should be able to adjust the idle mixture screw.

You may have to bump the idle rpms up, too, to help the engine out a little as it comes up out of the idle range.

That should take care of engine issues. If you have a clutch engaging too harshly, you would have clutch work to do.

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if it dies before the clutch engages it sounds like a safty switch on the carb or in the throttle assembly depending on the year of the sled

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