Craftsman Snow blower wont start


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Craftsman Snow blower wont start

I used my craftsman electric start snowblower 2 days before some very cold weather. The other day I tried to start it up and the electric start just humms with out the engine turning over. I dont have the storage to keep it inside so I store it outside under a tarp.
I assumed the engine was just frozen so I pulled it inside to warm it up after a few days of 55 degree weather in teh garage same deal.
Any suggestions where I should start to trouble shoot the problem.
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You probably have a pull rope starter as well. I would remove the spark plug and try to turn over the engine with the pull rope first. Then you would know if the engine was locked up or if the starter is locked at the interface to the engine. Hopefully not.

If it turns over OK that would leave the problem in the starting system itself. You could have a stuck brush in the starter. Try tapping it lightly with a hammer while hitting the starter switch. Sometimes that shakes the brushes loose.

Then next possibility would be the electrical input to the starter. I"m assuming it's through an ac cord. Check the connections to make sure they are all OK and the connection to the starter as well.

Hope this helps,


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