homemade snowplow


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Wink homemade snowplow

i need to make a plow to hook up to a lawn mower all i have to make it with is wood and a sheet of metal and i have bolts lue and plenty of tools and and that kinda stuff just need to make it all i can make it with is wood and some metal though

P.S: I would buy one but their to expensive and i enjoy making stuff by myself.
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I would rig a pair of arms, one on each side of your tractor, with one end attached to the frame and the other to your plow so all the pushing force is applied right to the frame. Your plow could be as simple as a plank of wood, or you could angle it and put a metal edge on the bottom.

After building the plow I think traction will be your next problem. I would put chains on the tires and build a weight box to hang off the back end. Filling the weight box with sand, concrete or scrap metal will greatly impove your traction and pushing power.
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Cool thx

thanks that will help alot any other tips????
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I think you will need a lot of steel framing and a cutting/welding torch. Wood will not hold up for this job. I would build a sturdy frame and onto this frame would weld a sheet of heavy gauge steel. Create a method for lifting (lever and chain) the plow and attaching it to front of tractor (as former reply indicated) shouldnt be too difficult if you give it proper thought. Make a diagram and plan it out before you start. Good luck!
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how about a tailgate from a junk yard
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Old plows pulled by horse(s) was triangle shaped, and pressed the snow aside.
As late as 1940 it used to be common letting the ploww lifting the snow, and forsing it aside on the top of the snow, whos already there.
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Homemade plow

Hey guys, buddy of mine is currently building his own plow for his 4 wheeler. We went to the dump and found him an old hot water tank. Cut the tank in half length wise and measure out the width of the front of your bike/tractor. From what we have learned you want the width of the plow to match or be greater then the width of the bike. When measuring the bike just go from the outside of tire to tire. He took the 2 halves of the tank and overlapped them. His wheel base measured at 51" so thats how he rigged up his plow. The framing comes off the back of the plow and below the 4 wheeler where it then hooks up to the hitch on the back of the bike. If you like I can have another look at it and sketch out a diagram. So far its cost him all of $8 on a pack of welding rod! Everything else came from the dump/scrap yard.
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