2 stroke problems


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2 stroke problems

32cc 2 stroke scooter. Yeah yea I know, not worth putting time and money into. I'm aware of that, hunker down with me, I really want to get this thing going just to ease my mind.

Great spark. Choke it, prime it, pops right off no problem. Idles on choke great. After several minutes I put the choke down to non choke it dies. If i'm quick while putting the choke down if I hit the throttle it will run, seems to run good. If I come to a stop it idles down and dies. It did this last summer also. I know I've cleaned that carb several times (or attempted to). Spark plug from previous runnings is nice and golden brown. Is this a carb issue or possibly fuel pump issue?

Just checked getting 90psi compression. took the cylinder off. Didn't look bad. Replaced the cylinder and rings from a similar motor, still getting 90 psi, still getting similar results when I try to start it. I have the idle cranked, still won't idle on its own.
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My highly uneducated guess would be the idle jet.
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when you say choke you mean the plastic tab that covers the front of the carb, or is it a metal butterfly?
how does it run if you try it with the choke on?
is there an air filter?

some of those small carbs actually have 2 carb controls, one is a low idle screw. set it up a notch.
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Some chokes open an enrichment circuit in the carb letting fuel in that way. If your idle jet is clogged it will run off just the enrichment and die when it tries to idle without the choke.

If it is just a plastic piece that covers the intake though, this doesnt apply
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It's just the plastic piece that covers the inlet. I think I figured it out, the air screw was too far out, I'm used to snowmobiles, those are usually set 1.5 turns out, this one seems to be around 3/4 and is VERY sensitive to adjustments.

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