yamaha dealership blowing smoke up my ....

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yamaha dealership blowing smoke up my ....

Please can someone help a guy out!

All I want to know is what size jets and needle setting do I need for my 06 Banshee that has FMF gold series pipes and siliencers foam pro filter with cover off. Park brake and T.O.R.S eliminated.

Yamaha say they need to see the bike to tell me, and @ a min.$$ amount.
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how does it run now ? for performance you want a lean a mixture as is safe for the piston. warm the engine, make a long wide open pass in the direction of your work area, kill the engine and coast to your work area to inspect the spark plug. look for a clean medium gray color. inspect for small spots ( indicates detonation which is a too lean condition)
dark color would allow you to reduce jet by one size and re test.
given that the engine was in proper tune before the modifications, i doubt you would move more than one jet size in either direction. too lean, you burn a piston, too rich you foul a plug.

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