Torque Converter Question


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Torque Converter Question

Hey guys....
I have been trying to do alot of reading on this board and become better informed on these topics. However, I have determined I more than likely need a torque converter for my old Allis Chalmers golf cart. The question I have though is this:

Can I use a drive unit and a driven unit from different torque converters. The problem I am coming across is that the shaft from the rear differential is 7/8". I am having a hard time finding an affordable torque converter that matches the 1" bore crankshaft and the 7/8" shaft from the rear end. I have found a few driven units that have a 7/8" keyed bore like I need, but I either cannot find the matching drive unit with 1" bore or they are WAY out of my price range.

I have already made the mistake of burning up the old centrifugal clutch by lowering the gear ratio too much, but I think the clutch was about 40 years old anyways.

-So my main question is: Can you mix and match drive and driven units of Torque Converters....given you find a suitable belt.

-Thanks in advance!
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Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am talking about the types of belt driven torque converters, like on go karts and golf cars. Thanks.

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