kz 750 hard to keep started when engine is cold.


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Cool kz 750 hard to keep started when engine is cold.

Hello I just bought a 82 kawasaki 650 csr and I when I start is it is hard to keep started when it is cold. I choke it to let it warm up but it takes to long to warm with the choke. I have to turn the idle screw up and down to get the bike to idle at about 1500rpm. what can I do to fix this problem.
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Assuming your ignition components are OK and the timing is right, you probably have some carb cleaning to do.

The choke should only have to be on for a short time for the engine to run. An air cooled will warm up very quickly.

Most of your fuel at idle is moving through the idle jet which may be the culprit.

I would dismantle and clean the carb. Make sure you have new fuel in it with the right octane. Should run OK.

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