1985 Yamaha Maxim (XJ700N)


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1985 Yamaha Maxim (XJ700N)

A buddy of mine has a 1985 Yamaha Maxim that's sat around for a couple of years. The carbs need to be addressed badly. Any advice on carburetor work for this bike? Thanks. DAS
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If you like to take things apart and are pretty good at getting them back together you can dismantle the carb blow all the gum out of it with aerosol carb cleaner paying particular attention to the jets and little orifices in it. Also change any filter or clean the permanent filter screens if that's what it has in it.

That's the best and most thorough way to go about it.

However.... if you're a little short on cash and a little intimidated by taking that thing apart, and if the filter has been in place (meaning no dirt in the carb) you can disconnect the fuel lines from the tank, drain all the fuel from carb bowls, replace the plugs (or line connections - whichever you've drained it by) and fill the carb with a 50/50 mix of carb cleaner/gasoline by way of the fuel lines. Then let it sit for a hour, drain everything, fill it with new fuel and see if it all works ok.

This is more of a poor boys fix, but you really aren't out that much to try it.

Hope this helps,


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