rim stuck


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rim stuck

i have a rim on my gokart axle and it is rusted on i have tried all types of penetrating oil and lube i also tried heating it and it is stillrusted on just as tight as when i first started so does anyone know how to solve this problem
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I'd say more penetrating oil, then heat it and use a puller. It may come off, but if it's real bad it may just bend the hub. If you have time, you can try soaking it in a bucket of diesel fuel for 4 days or so. Or, you could just cut the hub off the axle, clean up the axle and install a new hub. Any way you do it, I'd put some never-seize on the axle before re-assembly.
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had the same prob with mine, ended up having to drill a hole in the rim and use a puller. when you do get it off make sure to sand the rust off the axle and the wheel, and use anti seize on the axle and rim.
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There is a penetrating oil made by "Dep" called "Twister". I have never had a lot of luck with penetrating oils before, but this stuff is amazing. I've had it loosen just about everything and it does work fast (in about ten minutes)

Might be worth a try,


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