82 honda gl1100 interstate


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82 honda gl1100 interstate

sometimes the bike will run rough and backfire thru the carbs, and lose some power it doesn't do this all of the time. today I started it and went to work and it ran great, coming home when i started it it back fired (small pop) once, started and ran kind of raggedy all the way home. it seems to smooth out some at high speeds, 55-60 mph, and pulling hills will lug down unless I go to a lower gear.
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With the backfiring I would think in terms of fuel/fuel system. If it started suddenly in the middle of a tank full of fuel, I would think in terms of the carburetors. If it started right after a fill, I would thnik in terms of fuel and change the fuel.

If it's the former I would pull the plugs. If they are light brown, you're OK there. If they are gray to white = too lean or dark to black = too rich. Either of the last two think about carburetor cleaning or repair.

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If your bike sits much at all, the carbs get gunked up pretty darn fast. You can't clean them by just putting in an additive.

One other item to check is your coils. it sounds like one is breaking down!


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