86 Club Car


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86 Club Car

I have a 86 club car that seems to eat solenoids, I have changed almosts everything on it but I have to replace at least one solenoid a month. The old ones that com on it lasted for years. thanks
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Are you having to replace your new solenoids or are you replacing the old ones? If you are replacing old ones then it could be they are just old and reaching the end of their life. If you are replacing your new solenoids then you might not have the correct solenoids (able to handle the amperage). Speed mods like a more powerful motor or going to faster resistors can increase the load on the solenoids.
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Is this a gas, or an electric cart?? Are you using Club Car solenoids?? The regular ones you get from an auto parts store may look the same, but aren't designed for continous operation.
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You will ahve to replace your solinoid with a Golf Cart solinoid not a automotive solinoid try www.buggiesunliminted.com for a solinoid.
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Yes I am using club car 36 volt solenoids that I buy from a club car dealer, The new ones were only lasting a month or so, I have since started replacing them with continous duty 36 volt solenoids like used on electric forklifts and they havnt burnt out yet

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