Tractor weightbox (homemade)


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Exclamation Tractor weightbox (homemade)

I own a cub 1810, appr. 18 horse gas job. I purchased a plow and chains, I plan to plow this winter with. But the traction problem came up. I went and built a weight box using a 1 7/8 hitch coupler and a bucket of concrete. However when I went to place it on the ball of the tractor the end of the bucket just drags to the ground. It isnt balenced. I dont have a 3 pt hitch to attach with so I kinda screwed my self now. Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix it or how to build a working one? (Im using 60 pounds of weight)
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If you didn't want to buy regular wheel weights, a cheap way to weight the tires is with tire fluid. You can usually get that at a tire shop that does ag equipment tires. It isn't expensive and it loads the tread of the tire without loading the tractor frame.

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I've put fluid in tires for alot of different power equipment. It won't put any load on your frame or wheel bearings & it keeps your center of gravity low. Great in walk behind snowblowers. You can do it yourself too if you have a vacuum pump, tubes in the tires,(I have done tubeless) & lotsa windshield washer fluid. Remove the valve stem core, attach a 1/4 " hose to the valve & vacuum pump & evacuate the air. (works best with tubes, but only draw 3 or 4'' vacuum in a tubeless or the bead will pop in). Pinch line off & remove from pump & place in the washer fluid & unpinch. If the tire is on the floor & the fluid is on the bench you can siphon about 6 qts onto a small snowblower tire. When the tires are full, get ready with the valve core, pull the hose off & really quick, put the core back in. You'll be suprised how much your tires weigh. Put chains on & you won't need anything else!! Roger
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I still have orginal tires on it that are somewhat dry rotted, not too bad just minor cracks so adding that much stress may blow them. But I was thinking and I think i'll just make two support arms almost like a three point hitch coming from the back of the tractor and bolt it to the weight. Hopefully this will balence it enough! Lets just pray it snows this winter!

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