Kymco scooter/starter problem


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Kymco scooter/starter problem

My 2007 Kymco scooter won't start. It was fine on Friday and today (Sunday) it won't turn over. If I need to jump the battery, is it the same process as jumping a car? Can I use my car battery to jump it?
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Jumping a battery that small with a car battery isn't the best idea, although some do it. A lot of those little scooters and motorcycles have positive ground setups with a few other charging devices tossed in. The high amperage from a car battery can damage some of those.

The best thing to do is put a charger on the battery for a couple hours. That's enough time to charge a good battery. Make sure you have the proper hookup (positive to positive and neg to neg) as well as the right voltage setting.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Bob,

I purchased a charger and charged the battery for a couple of hours and it started right up.

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