lawnmower idler pulley problems


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lawnmower idler pulley problems

ive been having problems with my mower that ive been trying to turn into a racing mower (jus for fun to drive around)...when im driving and shift gears the belt will just pop off does anybody know how i can fix this????? also my mower is a 2 belt and will it help at all to switch the tranny pulley and the center pulley?? and does anybody have any ideas on how i can make it faster without spending alot of money??
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Q 1- Belt popping off when shifting- is there any chance the linkage is hitting the belt? Does your idler pulley have enough tension?
Q 2- as far as the pulleys go, think of a 10 or 15 speed bicycle. When the drive wheel (rear) is on the smallest sprocket, you get a higher top speed, but harder peddling to get there. When bigger sprocket used on drive (rear) wheel, easy to pedal but you peddle like mad and go nowhere. Depends on what you want, fast take off, or high top speed, or maybe something in between.
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Did you change, or remove any of the belt guides?
As far as speed goes, it sounds like you're talking about a variable speed setup which is not ideal for a racing setup.

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