1985 yamaha SRV 540 snowmobile


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1985 yamaha SRV 540 snowmobile

I have a problem with my 1985 SRV 540 snowmobile flooding after I shut it off,after its sits for a while it won't start.I pull the plugs and turn the engine over and get alot of fuel blowing out the plug holes.I am stumped.HELP!! I have cleaned the carb and put new jets in it.
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If it doesn't have a fuel pump but does a float bowl carb which is the only entry to the crankcase your float valve/valves aren't seating.

If you have a fuel pump which is crankcase pulse driven, your fuel pump diaphragm may have ruptured, allowing fuel to go directly from the tank into the crankcase.

Either condition would result in what you've described.

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