87 Bravo 250 ignition wiring,HELP!


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87 Bravo 250 ignition wiring,HELP!

Hi folks,I'm Steve and new to this forum.I do a bit of fixing up small engines,but I have an 87 Bravo,which last winter I readied for the winter,including some welding.
I was careful welding because I smelled gas,but when I cut some metal with an angle grinder,you guessed it,I caught it alight!lol.
Anyway,I put it out,and towed it into my barn.Next day I cleaned away the sand,and pulled the cord and away it went.No problem except some burnt wires,and melted plastic,lol.
I bought new wire ,etc,and replaced everything burnt,but I must have broken a wire near my CDI unit,or something because it wouldn't start after!
Anyhow,I just got around to looking at it again,and bought a new CDI unit,and new coil.
I can't figure out how to get spark.
I have 4 wires coming out of the engine area,magneto I think,black,yellow,red/white and a brown or redish wire..
The yellow wire I get power when I pull it over with a 12 volt test light,so I think that's for the lights.
The black I guess is a ground.the other 2 I don't know where they go on my cdi unit or where at all.
My cdi has 5 wires on it,orange,black,red/white,redish brown,and a black with a yellow or dirty white stripe on it.
Oh,I'm colorblind too,I'm sorry!!LOL
And,I have to start from the beginning.
Sorry for writing a small novel here,but I was wondering if there's a way to get my skidoo running,just the engine itself,and I can worry about the lights later?
I know this is a VERY tall order,but if anyone knows anything about the wiring on an 87 bravo,I'ld VERY much appreciate the advice.
Thanks everyone,Steve
PS: The longer version of what happened with the welding/fire is funnier in the full version,lol,if anyone wants to hear it,lol.
Thanks again,Steve.
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Hi there,it's a bit of a long story,lol,but I was wondering if there's a way to get my snowmobiles enginge to get spark,just the motor,and I'll worry about the lights later,lol.
I "think" I have to connect a couple or 3 wires from the engine to the cdi box,then one to the coil.
Was wondering if anyone knows how to do this.Even some trial and error advice,lol.
Or maybe it's better I know if I could find someone with the same skidoo,and compare the wires.
Anyway,just wanted to ask one more time.
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hey im doing something similar with my Honda TRX 300. I have the idea of taking one of the wires that run off the pulse generator (also known as magneto on other engines) attach a volt regulator and then run a wire to the ignition. I dont know what kind of volt regulators would work but so far I have seen good things about using a LM317 volt regulator. It is even sold at radio shack for like 3 bucks. If you find anything out let me know.
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