'00 Honda rancher - neutral light won't come on


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'00 Honda rancher - neutral light won't come on

I can't get my rancher started, because the neutral light will no longer display when I put it in neutral. For a little while the neutral light came on when it was in reverse and started then, but now it won't light up in any gear. The gears flow smoothly shifting, but it start since the light has to be on and in N. Anyone know what went wrong?
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You would have a gear position switch/sensor on your transmission to indicate neutral for safe starting. Since the activation of it is likely mechanical you should be able to find it on your transmission (possibly on the shift linkage) with a wire attached.

It may be a screw in design or held in with a clip. That switch or sensor may be bad - or the wires going from the device to your ignition may have gotten broken, corroded or disconnected.

Since you were getting a neutral signal in reverse, I would say the switch has gotten jarred out of place or has come apart internally.

The wires and the switch will need to be checked out. A test light would help diagnose the problem more easily.

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Bob hit it right on the spot

A friend dropped off his honda to the shop and they said that the neutral safety switch is bad and this is why it will not start. They have started to tear into the engine and said that it was going to cost $1000 to fix this issue. Does this sound correct or a high price to complete this. Actually how hard of a job is this to do.

the swingarm and the back of the engine have to come apart to replace that switch. i still dont see 1000 to fix it. if it were at my shop i might would charge like 5 hours labor to fix it plus the parts

The shift drum will be broken at the rear which drives the gearshift switch .. We had a lot of them break on 2000-01 TRX350 ...

This is what ive read elsewhere on the internet. You need to find out about it at the dealer, getting them to diagnost that.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is what ive read, not saying it is.

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