What Would You Build??


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Question What Would You Build??

Well I want to start a new project...and I need some help. Basically I was going to build a gas powered RC truck but I felt like the money I would be putting into wouldnt be worth it considering I should be able to build something I would actually be able to drive for the same price. Here is what I have.
  • 351 V8 4 barrel carb motor from a 1986 Ford F-250, still in truck and runs.
  • 198x ford areostar, for parts...engine is worthless
  • small go kart...too small...5hp briggs and stratton engine runs great
  • john deere snowmobile...engine needs little work...not sure what size it is but i should be able to fine out

So those are the main parts I have. I also have about a $1500 spending budget.

What could be the best/fastest to build/easiest/most fun thing I could build?

I have been wanting to build a sandrail or dunebuggy.
(is it possible to fit the 351 v8 onto a sandrail body?)

Does anyone know of unassembled sandrail/dunebuggy/4-wheeler kits I would be able to buy?

Should I just take the body off of the truck and turn it into a large go kart?

And the final and most important detail..I would like to be able to finish this project in time for the upcoming winter to use as a snow vehicle.

I dont know if I just want to get the snowmobile running because I dont know if the time put into it would be worth driving only a few weeks throughout the year.

Any suggestions/ideas or comments?

Is it a dumb idea?
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Sandrail or Dunebuggy

No way is it a dumb question. Enjoy enjoy, I say go for it.

Sandrail gets my vote, a 351 with good motor mounts and a strong frame should do the trick.

Most of the time, once you start something like that, it all seems to come together once you start it. Might be lots of modifactions need to make the frame shorter but you already have that,,,,,,,,,,,, get the tourch out and let her rip.

Love to see what you come up with.

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A snow vehicle, uh? What would be interesting is if you could find a used Tucker Sno Cat and use its tracks and the 351 to turn the Aerostar into a "snowrail". I can't see this being done for $1500 though, unless you could find a derelict Sno Cat whose owner really wants to get rid of. You only need the tracks, not the body or frame. Tracks could be swapped for buggy wheels during summer.

Of course an easier and cheaper alternative is to simply fix the snowmobile. Don't even think of using the 351 on it
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