Yamaha Breeze 125 Starting Problems


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Yamaha Breeze 125 Starting Problems

Son have not rode atv in months. Bought a new battery and sparkplug. Sounds like it is out of gas so I sprayed carburetor spray and it actuall started twice. But sound like it was flooded out and immediately shut off now it will not start at all. Thought about draining all of the gas out and starting fresh which may not help at all. Any suggestions
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Drain the float bowl on the carburetor, then change the gas in the tank for fresh gas with a little carb cleaner.

That may fix your problem.

Hope this helps,

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Yamaha Breeze 125 Starting Problems

Thanks Bob for the advice. I drained the float and then had to spray a couple of bursts of starter fluid into the air intake. The thing that I can't figure out now is why it only runs for a minute or two while the choke is pulled all the way out. It will idle then the engine really revs up. At that point I push the choke back in and it eventually shuts off. From time to time it will start with the choke in but won't really run but a few seconds.
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If the fuel was left in it when it sat for months, I'm thinking the carb is varnished up. You will have to at least clean the jets by removing them, running a small, soft wire thru all the holes ( I like the wire that comes on parts tags, & the wire from a twist tie works well also ) Spray everything good with a spray carb cleaner, & blow out with compressed air. If this isn't enough, you'll have to tear it apart, soak it in a carb bath overnight & re-build it. Good luck!! Roger

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