need some go-cart help


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need some go-cart help

ok im new at the carting thing and im thinking about building 1 .......and im woundering if there is any way to take the whole drifve train from a honda 450 4 wheel drive and the works and put it in a street gocart? can it be done and if so how?
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Seems like a whole lot of trouble. The only way you're going to find out is to try it. If you're mechanically inclined enough, you should be able to answer that question yourself.
Is there such a thing as a "Street Go-cart"? I didn't think you could even ride the Honda on the street.
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ya i mean like a little go cart they way like 200ish pounds most of the time rear wheel drive chain drivin
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Go carts are 2 wheel drive, so it shouldn't be that hard. You have already have the engine, it's mounts, rear axle and wheels already there, along with a frame holding it all together. Basicly just weld a new front end on the ATV, and you'd be set.
If you wanted 4wheel drive, then it would obviously be harder and also wouldn't go as fast because of the extra drag and weight of the front drive components. But, it could be done. You would have to cut the frame of the ATV apart on the front end, and just widen everything and change the angle of the handle bars without throwing the caster off, which would affect the handling. If you don't know what caster is, it has to do with the alignment of the steering. All of that is easier said than done, but if you had access to a lathe and could make a jig for welding it back together, it would be easy.
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or just geta cart frame. extend it mount the motor, drive shaft, and rearend. no chain its 4x4 right? only problem with that is you would have to regear it because it would be pretty slow with small tires. thats just an idea but an importaint question is why would you turn a 4x4 into a 2x4 street cart id sell it and buy a sport quat or a shifter cart. thats just alot less work and probably safer too

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depending on if you wanted to make the go cart 4x4 or not it is possible. i had one that was off a honda 400 ex and it worked fine but the whole 4x4 idea is different
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I would approach the project as a trail buggy. You'll want the suspension travel--even if you use it on the street. Get a trail buggy with good suspension design, with blown engine for 3-$400 and fab a new swingarm to hold the new engine. With the engine, chain and axle mounted in a swingarm the fab work will be easy and you'll get good traction from the engine weight bearing down on the live axle.

There are advantages to a 4-wheeled buggy. Safer & more stable than a quad. Even in 2WD with the power of a 450 you should be able to go just about anywhere a sport quad can go.

Projects of this type have been accomplished by members of the forum. A good source for mods to trail buggies.

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