one problem after the other with go-kart


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one problem after the other with go-kart

At first i couldnt even start my go kart cuase it wasnt get any gas. finally figured out this was due to a wrong-sized gasket on the float bowl of the carborator which means the seals werent tight. now it starts up with a few pushes of the primer bulb but runs for maybe 3 seconds and dies every single time. any suggestions on what to check. the engine is a tecumpseh. no choke or anything. all it is is primer and pull start.
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You have two basic fuel circuits in the carburetor - idle and open throttle. The open throttle is more refined, but you get the idea.

You probably have both of those plugged. You may be able to get the jets opened up with carb cleaner. If not you'll need to remove it, dismantle it and soak it in a bath cleaner, blow it dry and reassemble. The bath would probably take care of the problem.

You can try removing the float bowl, take out the float and float valve, then put the bowl back on. Next add carb cleaner through the fuel line until you see it show up in the throat of the carburetor. Stop adding the cleaner at that point - you don't want a lot of it in the engine. Let it sit for two or three hours then drain the bowl and reassemble the float, float valve, and float bowl. That may get it cleaned out for you.

If it still gives you problems after that you'll need to use the bath cleaner.

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Let us know how it turns out,


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