I need a little help please. (1998 polaris indy trail smokey on start)


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I need a little help please. (1998 polaris indy trail smokey on start)

I have a 1998 polaris indy trail. It start without a problem but its really smokey when it start. I know its burning more oil and gas than it should be. What is causeing that and how can I fix it? And also after running it a while when I come to a stop it wants to quit running. Whats causeing that?
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my 2 cents

sounds like you are running too rich. have you checked your carb or needle valve? does it bog down when you idle? try this: when it starts sounding like its going to die try opening the choke (primer). if it springs to life again, you are running too lean. it could also be idling to low, this has happened to me. i used to have an 89 440 fan indy. check to see if the idle ajustment is loose. try tightening it just a little bit. i hope this helps. if its that easy, you can breath a sigh or relief.

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curious. does the smoke come from the hood or from under the sled? on a cold day and if the sled hasn't been run in a while almost any sled will be "smokey". my 2001 440 mxz x racing sled does the same thing when it first starts after a period without use. its prolly a jet problem. if you can get pictures of the smoke, and where its coming from i might be able to pinpoint your problem.

with older sleds it also could be build up in the exhaust.

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