suzuki 50cc quad sport


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suzuki 50cc quad sport

i found a suzuki quadsport 50cc in the trash took it home plugged the rear backup kill switch and it started right up but it ran like crap so i took the carb off looked inside and its about perfect no gunk or nothing and while i was in there i decided i was gonna pop out the stupid restrictor so thats gone. i put it back together started it back up and still runs like crap so i adjusted the carb and cant get it running right anyone done this before and know what i should do?
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Thumbs up number of things

proly not the carb. check the head gasket for breaks, or if it is worn down too thin. check spark plugs for tar black or white residue. check the needle valve to see if too little fuel is entering.

could be that the machine wasn't taken care of properly and has broken piston rings or severely scratched cylinders

let me know more about the problem if you can.
more details.
im a snowmobile guy myself, but they are just about the same internally.
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My sons LT50 had the same issues. The head gasket was blown. While I had it apart, I went further and replaced the piston and ring, ring was wasted. I deleted the oil injection and just premixxed the fuel. I also went through the carb as that was my first step as well. It ran 10 times better after the repairs.

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