Help with identifying used go kart


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Help with identifying used go kart

Hi. I need some help identifying a recently purchased used go kart.

It's a 2 seater, I think it's pretty old.
It has a 5hp Tecumseh engine
There is a manufacturer (I think) sticker on it, but it's ripped along the name. I thought it said "KANGO", but my research has only found Kango electric go kart. I could read the Serial number (#4910)
It almost seems like it was a kit--the frame comes in 2 parts that are bolted together.
it has a roll cage also.

I have inserted an image. I'm looking to get a user/parts manual or at least be able to purchase factory parts in the event that it needs them...



Any identification would be very helpful.
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idk if im going to be much help with go karts but... the frame looks to be pretty old and the engine looks like a lawn mower's. in fact, it looks exactly like my cousin's go kart. he and i built the frame (very similar to yours) and we used my uncle's high horse lawn mower engine.

he was following some sort of directions so it might be a close model to yours.

we built and sold his about 5 years ago.
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Carter Kart or Manco?

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