Yamaha TTR125


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Exclamation Yamaha TTR125

im not sure what year it is but heres the thing i bought this used and one day i was riding it in about 3 gear getting some nice speed all the sudden chain pops of and it gets locked up in between the sprocket and the frame, ABOUT THROWS ME OFF so i get up put the chain back on and keep riding and just didnt worry about it. a few days later i was riding and it happened again, then again, so now i can only ride in about low 2nd gear before it pops off

I looked at it and the chain isnt loose im not able to get another link off its already tight it kinda looks like the chain could be sittin sideways on the sprocket so im not sure should i just get a new chain????
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anybody got any ideas on what i need to do?
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Bad sprocket(s)?

If you're sprockets are appearing to have "rounded" tips on them, you might want to consider replacing them. They should be pretty pointed. However, whenever we've changed them, we've also replaced the chain.

No fun riding when the chain pops off! Not to mention the danger factor!
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thanks dude i will try this and see im not sure about the sprockets though

And no its not fun riding when chain pops off

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