Raise my mower


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Raise my mower

I have an old sears that thanks to 31Ytech i found out its accually a Murray but with sears name on it its a murry 11 with a 12.5 hp bolted down to er . I just want to know is there anyway of finding a 4 bolt hub that i can slip on my transaxle so i can put larger tires on it we have a mud run up here plus i use it to go in and out of the woods = lot of mud and the way it is now , alot of pushing, so any help would be apreciated i have everything i would need tool wise you name it i have it so dont let that hold your imagination back anyway please help, thanks.
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if you have a local tractor and supply go there and look at there tires you might be able to find some nice fourwheeler tires or whatever if not try a local salvage yard or THE INTERNET!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
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Yes I have but there not very helpful i can only get manufactures parts there i have to order most of the stop of the internet thanks for the replie!
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weld or bolt the mower rim to the inside on the larger tire. i had a murry 12.5 with my dads old 38" tires. 38 was a little too big though but its a good method

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