Wiring Diagram


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Wiring Diagram

I'm new to all this so hope someone out there can help me with this problem. I need a diagram for wiring a 12v headlight and tail light to my 36v golf cart. And need to know what all I need to hook them up. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You!
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wiring is simple.

With many vehicles such as this cart, motorcycles and even cars, the frame is often used as a common, or negative side, of the electrical system. Is this so with yours?

Presumable you have 3 12 volt batteries. Do you know where you are getting the 12 volts from. (this is a test question since it can be done, just trying to figure out what you do know)

are there any other electrical uses on the cart?

is there any sort of fuse block?
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I have a 36 volt cart made up of 6 each 6 volt batteries wired in series. To establish 12 volts from this system I go to the negative side of the 36 volt battery bank and connect
my negative lead to the negative of the last battery in the bank. To get the positive you go up stream one battery from the battery
and you connected the negaitive to and connect the positve lead to the positive of that battery.

It might be a good idea to install a inline fuse for protection of the lighting circuit you are going to install.

36 volt cart bank

+ bat- +bat- +bat- +bat- (+bat- +bat-)
connect to the last two batteries.

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12 Volts on a 36 volt golf cart

Look on the left side of the batteries and the first two in line equal 12 volts. If you use anymore than that it will blow your fuses.
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wayport24, welcome to the group. Before answering a post, look in the upper left hand corner for the date of the last post. This one is two year's old and the original poster never responded back.

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