91 eazygo golf cart dead batterys all good


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91 eazygo golf cart dead batterys all good

I need a wireing diagram or advice on a problem on a 1991 eazy go golf cart, I have checked all batteries connections, key switch,should I be able to hear the main solenoid click or come in when I turn on the switch or press the pedel. their is nothing.

thanks for any help.

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I found a EZ go schematic online that was close to my cart.
The key switch and 2 micro switches are in the solenoid circuit with my cart. I dont know if your cart has coils or solid state controller. Both have micro switches so follow the small wiring from battery on the positive side of the battery bank thru the key switch and thru the micro switches on the forward/reverse switch and to another micro switch MS 3 before the solenoid switch. If you have a Volt/ohm meter it should be easy to see if any of those are bad and or the solenoid or controller. Most likely you have a bad solenoid but you have to go thru the process to make sure its not the controller or coil pack.

Good luck..
Remember go to Google and look for schematic for your cart.
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thanks for the reply, I think the solenoid may be bad also because I can not hear it click. is the coil pack the large box all the heavy cables go to at the back closer to the motor? the micro switch on top of the speed control does nothing even when jumped. I have also checked it for continuity, nothing eather way closed or open.

thanks. doc ellis

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