1986 230s back fireing


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1986 230s back fireing

i have a 86 230s, its stock with a D.G pipe, i was told to uped the jets to 130 main, 25 piolet, but its still backfiring, i did a plug test and i think its running rich, can it still backfire if its running rich?
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It can also be valve or ignition timing, or a bad valve.

What do the plugs look like? If they are blackened you could have either a rich condition(jetting, bad float valve or float) or poor ignition spark=coils, wires,or plugs.

It's inexpensive to run a compression test - you can usually rent a tester at an auto parts store. I would do that as well as check the timing on the ignition. If the compression test shows normal, then the valves and valve timing is likely OK. That leaves ignition timing, fuel/air mixture, or plugged exhaust/intake. Normally the last two won't cause backfiring.

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