1993 Honda VT1100 Shadow backfiring

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1993 Honda VT1100 Shadow backfiring

I bought this bike with 12,300 miles last year after a 26 year leave from motorcycling and even paying attention to developments. It now has just under 20,000 miles.

It came with a stock air filter and Cobra slip on pipes. From the time I got it, it has sputtered on 1 cylinder, with the second coming and going until it was warm, then runs fine.

Lately, gas mileage has dropped about 10% , and it backfires much more (through the exhaust) upon deceleration. It sounds cool, but I'm concerned that the two are related. It does not break up under hard accelleration.

Any suggestions? Also, what is the best oil to use in the front forks?

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If you can live with it-fine.
If you take it in for a tune-up ( at bike shop )
You may find yourself in for the big $$$$$$$$$$
It could be as simple as bad plug wires or not so simple
bad valve springs or burned valves or ignition system relpace.
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get you a manual, factory would be best. the backfireing is unburned fuel in the exhaust, probably caused by poor spark. the shocks should not need oil unless they have leaked, if so you will need to compleately drain and refill with atf or a good shock oil available at a good dirt bike shop. depending on riding style and load the weight will vary. your carbs could be to lean and consequently causing a lean missfire also. try spraying a little b-12 into the carb throats when you first start to see if it runs better.
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Blazer Jim,

What did you find to be the problem with your 93 VT1100? I have the same year and model bike and exactly the same symptom. Please let me know what you found out.


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